John Glendinning

My Design practice is focused on creating original, expertly crafted furniture and objects that are developed through my process bases explorations in wood.

I began to work with wood because I was initially seduced by its beauty and physical characteristics, I have continued working with it because it has challenged me in ways I never imagined possible. Although I have developed an intimate knowledge of the material and methods to manipulate it, it never fails to remind me which of us is ultimately in control as I attempt to convince it to do what I need it to.

The direction of my work is constantly evolving and under reevaluation, one thing that is constant is the focus placed on the material. I think it is important that the natural features of a material be allowed to contribute to the success of the design but the design should not rely on those features to be successful.


Mes designs se concentrent sur la création de pièces uniques et la fabrication minutieuse de mobilier de qualité et d'objets faits sur mesure à travers mes procédés et explorations du bois. J'ai commencé à travaillé avec le bois initialement car j'étais séduit par sa beauté et ses caractéristiques physiques, j'ai continué parce que ses différentes essences me posaient un défi que j'avais clairement sous estimé. Même si j'ai développé une connaissance intime de ce matériel et des différentes méthodes pour en faire la manipulation, ce dernier ne cesse jamais  de me rappeler qui est en contrôle lorsque j'essaie de le convaincre de faire ce que je désire.

La direction de mon travail est en constante évolution et réévaluation, la seule notion qui persiste étant le focus que je porte sur le matériel. Je crois donc qu'il est important que ses attributs naturels contribuent au succès du désign sans pour autant en dépendre exclusivement.

My work has been exhibited and collected internationally and has been included in the fine art collections of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and The City of Montreal. In 2008 I was inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Currently I work out of my studio, which is situated in the Appalachian Mountains near Sutton, Quebec, Canada.


Mon travail fût exposé et inclus dans diverses collections des beaux-arts nationales et internationales (au niveau gouvernemental et municipal entre autre). En 2008, j'ai été reçu comme nouveau membre de l'Académie royale des arts du Canada (ARC). Mon studio est situé dans le corridor appalachien près de Sutton, Quebec, Canada.

John Glendinning Design
John Glendinning Design is in Sutton, Quebec.7 days ago
Sutton, Quebec
Kind of a complicated little glue up this morning to create a replacement part for a “Siesta” chair by Westnofa of Norway for @habitat_mobilier .... too complicated for one set of hands but I managed🤷‍♂️
John Glendinning Design
John Glendinning Design is in Sutton, Quebec.3 months ago
The days are getting longer!
Last week I took these legs out of their 12 year hibernation to make some space, coincidentally the icicles that inspired them appeared on my shop roof this week!
John Glendinning Design
John Glendinning Design3 months ago
Looking forward to many studio visits in July!
John Glendinning Design
John Glendinning Design4 months ago
Merci beaucoup pour les bons commentaires et pour avoir choisi l’achat local/ Thank you very much for the kind words and for buying local Claudine Auger. C’est très apprecié, cette année en particulier!/ Much appreciated, especially this year;-)
The spoons sure look good in your brand new kitchen!😉
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