Splitting Pixels

June, 2009
Dimensions :
9"x 9"x 9"

The growing presence of digital technology in our everyday world was the inspiration for this piece. Historically craftspeople have taken advantage of the most current technologies yet there is a sentiment of uncertainty as to what is acceptable and how it is most suitably used in studio work.

This piece consists of 64 individual boxes that nest together to create a larger cube. The arrangement of the boxes is based on the coordinate system that is the foundation for computer aided design and manufacturing. The juxtaposition of laser engraving on the hewn wooden surfaces encourages the viewer to contemplate combinations of different technologies and the suitability of their use.

It should be noted that each box shares one half of a symmetrically split segment with its neighbor in all directions where there is an adjacent box. This natural characteristic of wood allows each box to be located, in only one place in the cube and consequently specific coordinates have been digitally engraved on the surface of each box to reflect this. $6400

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