November, 2010 | June, 2011
Wood, Paint
Dimensions :
Overall dimension of a standing 3 panel screen is approximately 72”x 36”x 8”. Individual panels are 72” x 15.5” x 4”

“Sail” was commissioned by a private client who requested an original folding room screen. The individual panels have been fabricated out of wood laminations using a special vacuum forming process. The faces of the panels on the commissioned work feature some relief carved and painted arc fragments that suggest a time lapse of stars in a night sky.

What makes “Sail” Interesting is the fact that the panels’ curved surfaces create an interesting three dimensional form when unfolded that can be altered by slightly shifting the arrangement of the individual panels or simply by the change of natural light in a room over the course of a day, all the while retaining the ability to be folded flat for storage or transportation. Price depends on detailing and the number of panels. $3300 for the 3 panel walnut screen pictured, $6000 for the 5 panel screen pictured in fir.

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